Fuzzy Jones

He may not have super powers or a magic wand. He may scream loudly and pass out when things get a little scary. And he may not be much taller than a small labradoodle, but Fuzzy Jones is a hero. With a brain that cuts through problems like a chainsaw through cheese, Fuzzy is like no other 10 year old boy you ever met. Faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem, Fuzzy exercises his extraordinary mind to find a solution every time. Now, it may not be a very sensible or practical solution, the kind that a tax accountant, or your Uncle Gerhardt, might come up with, but it will work...mostly.

Besides being brilliant, Fuzzy has a big heart and always sticks up for the little guy. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and never lets them down. Just don't ask him to take a penalty kick or partner you at Pictionary.



Fuzzy's best friend. Jenny provides the calm to compliment the Fuzzy Jones storm. She is level headed, has a practical mind, and a great deal of common sense. It is entirely possible that, without Jenny's influence, Fuzzy Jones would be a footnote in history, a small red stain on the carpet of a cruel world, where ideas like rocket powered sleds are met with disaster and the early demise of their inventors. 



As older brothers go, Johnny is a pretty bad example. He fails to protect his younger sibling on the school playground, tortures him at every opportunity, and even runs a gang known as the 'Abelone Street Ruffians'. This gang, thats only purpose is to make Fuzzy's life miserable, even has a tree fort called 'Fort Doom' which overlooks the path poor Fuzzy must take on his way to his shed at the end of the garden. But is this all there is to young Johnny? Is he simply a bully or is their a good guy under all that bristling teenage brattiness? Naaahhh....he's just a big bully!



Mr. Jones

Tall and angular, Mr. Jones seems the kind of chap that would snap in stiff breeze. Looks, however, can be deceiving! Mr. Jones is, probably, the bravest man on the planet, as Fuzzy finds out when he is attacked by a giant orange....Ha, thought I was about to give it away didn't you? Well, I'm are going to have to read the book to find out more. But, to whet your appetite, take a look at the blue handle sticking up from behind Mr. Jones's back in the above picture...what does that look like, and why would Mr. Jones carry one? Interesting....very interesting.


Mrs. Jones

Fuzzy's mum. Like all mums, she spends precisely 99.87% of her time worrying about her kids. With her sparkling blue eyes and bright orange hair she looks an awful lot like Fuzzy. Or, at least, an awful lot like Fuzzy did before the incident with the EMU. In her spare time (approximately two minutes per day) Mrs. Jones enjoys watching competitive knitting and rugby.



Frankobaldi Tortellini is an enigma. He is Italian yet, strangely, lives in Winklethorpe and owns one of the most idyllically English farms in the country. Why he left the sun drenched olive groves of Tuscany to come and farm potatoes and other root vegetables in rural England is a complete mystery. Whatever the reason, Franko is a popular member of the community. He and his great friend Captain William Ignatius Gagnon - Wiggy for short - are generally the only adults in Winklethorpe willing to listen to Fuzzy's crazy ideas.



Fuzzy's faithful mutt, Spud is descended from the legendary Grace. How this came about is the subject of a whole other story, but needless to say, he inherited of almost none of her intelligence and charm. He does have talents but they are, by and large, pretty much useless to all around him. He is slobbery and a bit smelly. His tongue hangs out so far it drags on the ground, and his obsession with Russets is the stuff of potato farmers' nightmares. Despite this, Fuzzy loves him and the two are rarely separated.